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    PV 360 Animation, items out of position

    John Wright

      I am animating in solidworks and the results are good. However, when rendering out the animation in PV 360 some items are offset.


      Any ideas on what I am doing wrong.

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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SOLIDWORKS forums John.


          What do you mean by offset? Can you attach some picture to show OR the final avi files?


          Please use "advanced editor" in case you want to attach any files.Click on reply and then click "use advanced editor".




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              John Wright

              Dear Deepak


              Thanks for the reply.


              I attach two photos. The file “ Orginal position of spring.jpg” which shows a spring in the correct position in the top-center of the model. When animated in SW the spring compresses correctly and stays to the correct position.


              However when rended in PV360 the spring still compresses beautifully but is in the wrong position. The photo file “PV360 spring moved.jpg” shows the spring to the right and down from its original position.


              I have tried different spring mates but no luck. The rendering always puts the spring in exactly the same place.


              Hope this helps.



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                  John Burrill

                  John, in 2014 they changed the way PhotoView animates a scene.  Instead of rebuilding the model for each frame and exporting it to photoview, SolidWorks now writes all of the animation parameters to an LXO file along with the materials and environment and photoview renders that one file.  This is a lot faster for network rendering since the model doesn't have to be copied to each node in the render farm for each frame.  (Rob and you other PhotoView guys jump in if I've got this wrong)

                  The downside, I think you exposed is that if you're using that assembly-cut trick to get a spring to change length, SolidWorks screws it up because instead of  just exporting the cut part to modo for each frame, it would have to create a Modo object with with subobject animation tracks and would probably have to do that using internal modo tools instead of just standard rigid body transforms that all animation packages do and my guess is the SolidWorks guys didn't think about it because from the get-go, SolidWorks animator wasn't intended to render part deformation.  It was just a happy accident that someone figured out how to do it.

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                    Deepak Gupta

                    How have you built/mated the spring? Does it have any in-context relation with assembly.