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Flashworks program

Discussion created by Paradon Panjaroen on Jun 23, 2014
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Hi Guys


I have some progrm for you all to try out, especially those guys who are using solidworks sheetmetal and need to flatpattern 100 of part to dxf for CNC.

I call it FlashWorks, What Flashworks does is flat patterning Solidworks Parts to dxf from assembly with ease and than straight into Radan profiler with quantity, thickness, material and part number.


Here are some features that FlashWorks have;

  1. FlashWorks have smart feature recognition module so your part doesn’t have to be sheetmetal part to be recognised as sheetmetal for dxf. 
  2. Once FlashWorks export the flatpatten into dxf file, it will also name the dxf file automatically  with Material-Thickness-Quantity and Part Number eg.. DOMEX-T5-Q10-ZEDS140616 making it easier for CNC programmer.
  3. When modelling sheetmetal part, with a click of a button FlashWork will automatically add length, width and thickness to your custom properties and then be used in your BOM. 



Please let me know what you guys thinks