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Layers not working properly

Question asked by Greg Churchley on Jun 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2014 by Greg Churchley

I have recently joined a new company and no one has ever taken the time to setup the document properties so the tables, balloons, notes, etc come in on the proper layer that they want (ie the layer must be manually selected every time you choose to add one of these features).  I know how to go into the Document Properties and select which layer I want all of these things to come in on, and I have saved this Drawing Standard out as a new standard.  I have them created a new Drawing Template where I am using this new Standard as the defult, but after all of this I still cannot get the different features to come in on the proper layer.  I have been able to change the "default" layer by creating a new layer, but that really doesn't help.


Has anyone seen this before?  Thanks in adavance for any help.