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"Layering" Appearances

Question asked by Kim Panattoni on Jun 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2014 by Rob Rodríguez

Hi everyone!



I was tinkering arond in PV360, and hunting through the forums for an answer, please forgive me if this questions has been asked.


In software like Modo and other rendering software, it is possible to layer a texture on another to create things like subsurface scattering, and to change the transparency of each texture in order to create some advanced appearances on the model. Is this possible in Photoview 360? Or will I have to purchase Modo in order to do something like that?


To give you an idea, what I want to do with my model is set the material on the model, then place a pearlescent white appearance, then a semi-transparent appearance on the surface (that is not glass), and contains an image map that will contain a variety of colours that will help give the model an irridescent appearance, and then a smooth matte appearance on it to tone down the amount of irridescence allowed through the final appearance.


I wish I had an example of this to show you, but at the moment, I can't figure out how to do this in Photoview 360, and I don't have an old Lightwave model to demonstrate it with.


Just curious.