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    VB question - custom properties

    Peter Fortin

      So, I'm trying to teach myself a little VB mostly with the hopes of understanding, writing, modify macros. I'm not too far along this journey, so forgive my inexperience.


      I was wondering how to reference or utilize custom properties inside of a macro.


      For example, one of the macros that I envision would be able to rename each sheet with the part that is active on the sheet using $PRPSHEET:"partno". You can see how this might be useful in a weldment that has many subparts contained in a single drawing for quick reference.. and I do a lot of weldment drawings that have complex sheet metal subparts and bent tubes.


      I recorded how to change the sheet name - so I think I see how to get that far... but what I don't know is how to link the sheet name to a custom property.



      Any tips or examples (yes!) of using a custom property inside of a macro would be super helpful.