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    Making Drawing from a lost assembly

    Jake Bloom

      Hello everyone,


      My problem:

      I have an assembly file but I don't have the parts and sub-assem inside the assem. When I try to open it in SW it can't find anything and can't show anything.


      My goal:

      To make individual drawing for every part inside the main assem (and thats quite a few).


      Where I have got to so far:

      I have opened it with eDrawings. There I can see the assem and everything it contains. from there I made an edrawing part from some of the parts and saved it as STL file.

      I imported the STL file into solidworks (as a solid body) and I got the part (or at least the faced part).


      The problem is that making a drawing from a mesh is far from understandable and I'm also afraid that the original dimensions are not being preserved with the TRI mesh.


      I have been trying to find a solution all week. Does anyone has any idea? maybe an outside software I can use?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Jerry Steiger



          Is there no hope for finding the original part files? As you have discovered the STL files are close to useless. In essence, you have to rebuild the parts from scratch, using the STL files as an armature to build your parts around.


          If you are lucky, the eDrawings were set up to allow you to measure the parts. That will at least allow you to check some of the dimensions.


          Jerry S.

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              Jake Bloom

              I'm afraid the original parts are lost.


              Can I actually build on my parts "on top" of the imported STL parts? u


              What else did you mean by using them as an armature?


              Thanks, Jake.

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                  Daniel Andersson

                  If you absolutely must have them fully editable I would do following.

                  1) Import the stl files one by one. Save them and give them a proper name.

                  2) Create a new part. Save it.

                  3) Create a assembly and put both parts in it.

                  4) Start to modell the new part and keep track of the accuracy by using the assembly as reference. Using transparency in the assembly will help yuu to find where the models differs.


                  OR if you do not need the full thread of history of all features....

                  Then I would just import the stls and save them as solidworks files. They will be "dead" but you can add and remove geometry to them. The assembly still has to be rebuilt any way as well the drawing.

                  Depending on need anz complexity,  I would choose one of these options. 

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                    Jerry Steiger



                    You might want to build your SolidWorks parts in the imported STL parts or you might want to build them as separate parts as Daniel suggests. I'm not sure which is the best method. In the past, using imported STEP or IGES models, I have used the "in part" method. It worked, but it's been so long ago that I don't remember if I had any problems that might have been made easier by using the "in assembly" method.


                    The STL part just gives you a reference to build your part around. "Armature" was probably not a good choice of words, as it implies that the STL part is supplying some sort of structure to the new part, which it most assuredly is not; it is only giving you a reference to compare to, probably just visual.


                    Jerry S.