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Making Drawing from a lost assembly

Question asked by Jake Bloom on Jun 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

Hello everyone,


My problem:

I have an assembly file but I don't have the parts and sub-assem inside the assem. When I try to open it in SW it can't find anything and can't show anything.


My goal:

To make individual drawing for every part inside the main assem (and thats quite a few).


Where I have got to so far:

I have opened it with eDrawings. There I can see the assem and everything it contains. from there I made an edrawing part from some of the parts and saved it as STL file.

I imported the STL file into solidworks (as a solid body) and I got the part (or at least the faced part).


The problem is that making a drawing from a mesh is far from understandable and I'm also afraid that the original dimensions are not being preserved with the TRI mesh.


I have been trying to find a solution all week. Does anyone has any idea? maybe an outside software I can use?


Thanks in advance!