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    Non revision managed parts

    Tim Turpin
      Is it possible to have non-revision managed parts in the vault that do not follow the revision scheme set up? Currently we use scheme of A0, A1, A2...B1, B2... for revision on parts we design but for purchased parts and components (fasteners, electrical comps, etc) we put the revision on as set by the supplier/mfg'r. The revisions on purchased parts will never change.

      We are currently going through migration.

      Any suggestions?

      Thanks, Tim...
        • Non revision managed parts
          Devon Sowell
          Hi Tim-

          Research how PDMWorks Workgroup can handle non- revisioned ToolBox parts. One method would be to Save the desired components in a Shared Folder with the Name ToolBox (see the Help File) and also look at the method to Declare a Part File a ToolBox Part.

          Good Luck.

          More information: Tim, I'm sorry I did not notice that you asked this question in the PDMWorks Enterprise Edition Group ( I clicked from the Latest Topics). I have no experience with Enterprise.
          • Non revision managed parts
            Joy Garon
            Hi Tim -

            Yes, it is possible to have multiple revisions schemas. They can be controlled by document extension, variable, preset catagory. It is very flexible.