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    disapearing surfaces

    Matt Weiker

      Hello everyone.


      I am having an issue with some of the surfaces on my model disapearing after an extruded cut up to a surface. The entire surface under the grey part is just gone and two of the ones by the red part are gone as well.Untitled.jpg Any ideas on how to remedy this would be greatly appreciated.



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          Jamil Snead

          I can see edges of surfaces around the grey part. It seems to me like they just turned transparent rather than disappearing. I would check all of your appearances and make sure there isn't a transparent one that somehow got applied to those invisible surfaces.


          The picture looks like an assembly, or is it a multi-body part?

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            Jerry Steiger



            Run a Check (Tools/Check or Evaluate/Check) on the part. (I usually choose the "Stringent" option as it doesn't seem to be much slower and I assume it catches more problems.) Faces that disappear are often a sign that the part has become corrupted. If so, try to come up with a way to stop it from being corrupted or a way to fix the corruption.


            Sometimes the part will check OK but faces disappear or display incorrectly. It seems like this is an indication that the part is really corrupt, but SolidWorks can't find it yet, or it is flaky and may become corrupted with later operations. In a few cases I have been able to make such parts better, but I don't have any general advice. Small faces and fillets seem to be the likely culprits.


            All of the above assumes that it isn't just an appearance issue, as Jamil suggests it might be.


            Jerry S.

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              Matt Weiker

              First off, I would like to thank both Jamil and Jerry for the prompt feed back.


              I performed both the geometry analysis and the part check as Jerry suggested with no glaring results, so I went back through my feature tree.


              I had converted a sketch at the parting line of my sink details and used them to make surfaces. I offset those surfaces and the cuts down to the offset surfaces are fine, while the cuts that were made to the parent surfaces resulted in the see thru surfaces.


              While I could not directly select the unseen surfaces, I could place fillets on the intersections that the missing surfaces shared with normal surfaces.


              I am going to try a different approach to the cuts that are producing the unseen surfaces and I will reply to this post when I figure out how to fix this.

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                Matt Weiker

                I have fixed my issue, but I don't know why it did what it did.


                I deleted the two up to surface cuts that were at fault and re-applied them later in the feature tree and the invisable surfaces did not return.


                SolidWorks has been freezing and crashing a lot today (4 times), so it may be an issue with my pc/graphics card. Thanks for reading this and trying to help me out.