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    Lost .png images within post

    Bevin Pettitt

      A recent post in Parts and Features had about five .png images included within the post.  Ten days later I opened that post again but the images were missing, although the image place frames were still there with the image file name listed top left hand corner. Double clicking on the file name resulted in the "Oops" error message saying file not found.  Is this normal?  If so then:

      1.     how long are the images kept before deleting?

      2.     if they're not deleted, is there a way to retrieve the image file from the forum (apart from asking the poster to emal them to me)?



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          Deepak Gupta

          There might have something gone wrong in the background which had screwed the images otherwise they would stay for ever. I had mine staying there for so long time.


          I'm not sure what might be the issue, so better to ask the poster to post them again and do request him to attach them rather than inserting into the post.

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              Bevin Pettitt

              Thanks Deepak,

              I thought YOU would have a helpful answer.

              Yes, after posting this question and thinking about it, I did private-mail the poster and he has just sent me the images I need.

              No doubt I will be posting more questions in the future.


              PS.  Life is so much easier now with the internet and forums and Google et al. How did we cope in the non-internet past?  And what will life be like in 20 or 30 years time?  But I guess this is way outside Solidworks User Interface topic!!!