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    How do people use the forum?

    Nathan Rollins

      Hi all,


      I hope I get a decent audience posting here.  I am not really a newbie on this site - based on my sign-up date, but I do not use the site as much as I would like.  I am a very active participant on another forum and would like to give back to this one as I have received so much help.  These forums are successful when there is both give and take.  I feel like I have only been taking from you folks.


      My high level of participation in the other group is due to the simplicity and ease of communication - it is an email group.  All messages sent to the forum come to my inbox and in order to reply, I simply reply to all.  So I never need to launch a browser and login to seewhat is going on.  It is very convenient.  I find that the only time I get on this forum is when I am having trouble and need help.  Whenever I am on here, I always browse the recent posts and see if there is anything interesting or relevant that I can contribute to, but as I get more proficient using SWX, those instances get less frequent - a sad irony; as I am able to contribute more, I visit less.


      What I want is my old email system back where I can get posts via email as they are submitted and then reply to them with a comment / solution / idea.  I believe that if this functionality were available, there would be a much richer experience for everyone.


      We all see the heavy hitters on here and we have all benefitted from their generosity of both time and knowlege - I know I don't speak just for myself when I say "Thank You!"


      So, I ask you - heavy hitters and all others as well, How do you monitor the new posts?  Is it your habit to launch the site and log-in every morning?  Is there an email feed that you can subscribe to that I am not aware of?  Can I configure my account to receive notifications of new posts?


      I look forward to becoming a more present and active member to this valuable resource.





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          Deepak Gupta

          Nate, great thoughts on giving back to others

          How do you monitor the new posts?  Is it your habit to launch the site and log-in every morning?  Is there an email feed that you can subscribe to that I am not aware of?  Can I configure my account to receive notifications of new posts?

          I've set my browser to remember the login details for this site so that make the login easier/quicker. I've set up email notifications for few categories for which I receive email notification for each post. You can also set up preferences under your profile for other things.


          To add you can also use the SW Forums Widget  (found under Tools > Add-in) to display the recent discussions in the task pane. You can also use the search function in there to quickly search for the anything you looking for.

          ....to this valuable resource.

          Completely agree with you

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            Kim Panattoni

            I use the forums for a few things:


            As a newbie to SW, but not to solid modeling, if I get stuck, I search the help files, which usually don't help very much, then I go poking around youtube, which has helped several times, and then I come here and search for an answer under many different search criteria, and if I can't find it, I post.


            Both of my recent posts here have happened as a result, with the exception of the PV360 post, where I did not check youtube. That's the sort of thing it just can't answer.

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              Kim Panattoni

              Oh yeah... and I ask about problems with my specific models, since I do a lot of scale model mold masters that replicate actual film models... and I'm actually about to post another one like the last one I posted about the windows, but this time, a little different, but on the same part... *sigh*

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                Glenn Schroeder

                I have e-mail notifications turned off.  During the workweek I log onto the site each morning, go to Browse > Discussions, and browse through the list by first looking at the categories, then reading the titles to see which ones I want to check.  After that I keep the browser window open and minimized.  When I get a few moments, such as waiting while SW saves, I open the window, hit the Refresh button, and skim the titles to see if there are any new posts I want to check.


                When I was first learning SW I didn't have the benefit of an experienced user at work to help me with problems, so I got a tremendous amount of help here.  I'm still learning, and there are many other people here who will always be head and shoulders above me with their knowledge of the software, but I'm also happy to help someone else when I can.

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                  Anna Wood

                  Use the following link to get a list of recent forum posts.  Saves searching through each sub-forum.




                  https://forum.solidworks.com/threads  (Yes, Kelvin... this link  )





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                    Kelvin Lamport

                    Similar to Glenn. Definitely no email notifications. I get too many emails from other sources. I don't want any from this and other forums I subscribe to. I login at home in the morning (while eating breakfast) to help me wake up & kick-start my brain into gear ... albeit a very low gear which is missing a tooth or two.


                    I quickly scan the headings to see if anything interests me, and respond to those that do. When I get to work I login and keep the browser open & check whenever I have the time, or when I need a distraction to help break an indecisive "line of thought" loop. It helps me stay alert and refocus on the job at hand.


                    That's my excuse anyway ... and I'm sticking to it,

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                      Michael Lord



                      I use RSS in Outlook to review new posts and use email notification for discussions I've responded to. 

                      I can quickly review at a glance all posts and the subjects of interest


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                        Erik Bilello

                        My excuse is pretty much the same as Kelvin's.  Except I only occasionally check in before getting to work (one of those get up at the last second and run out the door people).  I'm more likely to check in after I get back home, the browsers open anyway if I'm checking personal e-mail. 

                        I keep reading about RSS, might be time to give it a whirl.

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                          Nathan Rollins

                          Hi all,


                          These are exactly the types of responses I was looking for.  Thanks to you all for taking the time.


                          I guess it boils down to forming a habit.  That shouldn't be too hard, as I certainly have many - it is breaking the bad ones that I have trouble with!


                          I will see you soon in the dicussions...


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                            Patrick O'Hern

                            I tend to log in when I'm not really being crunched for time on a project.  Takes away some of the monotony of the daily routine.  I'll usually just scan through the new topics and see if there is anything I can help with.  I get email notifications for any threads that I post in, but otherwise I leave that option turned off.

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                              Randy Neumann

                              I read the forums every day, and have learned a lot from them over the years. As far as giving back, I got tired of racing to get an answer in before some of the faster members get to it. If I see a question that hasn't been answered for a bit, and I can help, I will, but as you can see by my post count, that doesn't happen very often.