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Motion Study Rendering and Updating Issues

Question asked by John Sebree on Jun 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2014 by Jared Conway



I have encountered a couple problems with the motion study that I am currently working on, and I would really appreciate any help I can get!


Firstly, when I save my current motion study, it all renders properly while on the solidworks screen; however, when I go back in to watch the video in windows live media player, a couple of the components of my assembly have disappeared... I have tried deleting and replacing keys and everything else that I could think of, but I am definitely running out of ideas.  Prior to this week, I have never encountered a problem like this.


Secondly, in my large assembly, I have one of the sub-assemblies utilizing an exploded view to show all a full breakdown of all of the parts. But, since I created my original exploded view, I have gone back and revised the exploded view for some improvements, and now I don't know how to update my new explosion into the my larger motion study.  I have tried deleting the sub-assembly and reinserting it or creating a new motion study, but every time I try to use the animation wizard, it utilizes my very first explosion...


This might be a lot simpler than I'm making it, but I would definitely appreciate any ideas! And i am currently using SW2014.