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    I need procedure to merge two EPDM vaults

    Umesh Boraiah

      Please provide me a procedure to merge two EPDM vaults

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          Jeff Sweeney

          That can be a rather big task...are you wanting to merge only the settings or the files too? If files, are you wanting to merge all versions of the files?

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              Umesh Boraiah

              Hi Jeff,


              I want to merge everything (that includes settings, files, all versions, history etc..) from one vault to another vault.

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                  Jason Clarke


                  Look at the Sql db of each Vault. You will see the tables can mostly be broken down into those that relate directly to files (and their properties), those that relate to the configuration of the vault, and those that relate the files to the configuration.


                  To merge 2 vaults you will have to resolve clashes in the sql tables as well as in any unique filename or variable constraints.


                  The easiest way to "merge" imho is to create a new vault and work on importing your content into it. Then you just have to deal with unique filename and variable constraints and limit your messing in Sql.


                  Doing exports of the configuration of each source and import them to the target vault, make sure all the variable mapping is set up. Then you could create a sql table to determine the file-version load order by going  through all xrefs to determine which file versions have to be loaded before others for each vault. Something like this:

                  Fileversions at version 1 that do not "contain" other files.

                  Fileversions for which the previous version is already in the table and which do not depend on other items

                  Fileversions at 1 that depend on other items already in the table

                  File versions above 1 where all depending items are in the table.



                  You could then create an Api to go through the table, loading the file from each legacy vault to the new one and making sure to pull the variables and transitioning to the appropriate state (as the correct actor).



                  Make sense?

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                Jason Clarke

                Hi Umesh,

                Long-time no see.


                To cut a long story short. Solidworks doesn't provide anything to do that, there are too many variables in the different configurations of people's EPDMs to make a single tool to do this and I suspect the demand isn't high-enough for them to justify the (significant) development cost.

                Not to say that it can't be done, but you'll have to create something yourself or pay a 3rd party to create it.


                As an alternative, instead of a one-shot migration, you could consider something like  Exalead which would index the content on your "legacy" PDM  Vaults and could be made to check-in to the new one over time.

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                  David Cramer

                  Hi Umesh,


                  We have a utility that can help you out (we use it for a lot of EPDM data migrations). If you are interested go check us out at:




                  Your exact need isn't addressed here, but if you want to discuss our capabilities further feel free to give me a call using the contact info on the website.


                  Hope this helps,


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                    Prasad Bhonsule

                    Hi Umesh, I'm currently working on a project with a client where we are merging 3 vaults (let's call them A, B and C) into 1. However, to make it simple we are only taking the latest versions of all files from vaults A and B, and merging them into vault C.


                    All settings, users, groups etc, are being merged as well.


                    I think history would be difficult to carry over unless you go into SQL and investigate the tables in the DB (ass suggested above)


                    Best regards,