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Debug transient Simulation?

Question asked by Andrew Castelino on Jun 19, 2014
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Is there a way, in Solidworks Flow Simulation when doing transient analysis, that we allow the user to examine the step-by-step mesh value evolution, in much in programming one examines variable change in C array?


Is this feature actually exposed? If not, can it be found in FloEFD, ANSYS CFX or Autodesk Simulation?


Is this part of the reason why extensive validation examples were provided? If individual mesh cell can be examined, the validity of the algorithm can be verified at the first place without resorting to cross-comparisons with true experimental data.



If it is entirely impossible, then to what extent can the user has access to the internal running of the algorithm? Are we going to be able to do anything like with MATLAB? Or, the design intent was to make the whole Flow Simulation module like a convenient black-box and handle the 99% of the cases with minimum requirement on the user?


For academic users, how do they verify the correctness of the simulation, without actually examine the running at least with some cells?


Additionally, is there any open-source CFD package which can match at least some basic capabilities of Flow Simulation, so could be used for cross-validation?