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    Stress at fixed hinge in nonlinear, dynamic Simulation

    Heinrich Moser

      Hello Solidworks community,



      We want to simulate a mechanism deforming in motion due to inertia and gravity.

      Unfortunately we are not able to model the joints right. We thought of pins (connecting the parts) and fixed hinges (connecing to the world).

      But compared to -for example- a  static simulation those hinges and pins seem to stuck. (massive reaction momentum)



      As we discussed it in a german forum > http://ww3.cad.de/foren/ubb/Forum131/HTML/000894.shtml

      we found out using fixed points a joints and massivly changing the solver configuration allows for some rotation but also creates an increasing reaction momentum over time.



      What are we doing wrong here? Why cant we get something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng9ZFX4m4Kc



      but just nonsense like this: ( see attachements )