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threaded bar/rod for use in an assembly? don't see anything in design library to choose from...

Question asked by Dave Krum on Jun 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2014 by Patrick O'Hern

Good morning guys,

I have a small project requiring the use of threaded rod/bar for my assembly.  We use alot of this here with fabricated assemblies for bolting steel together.  What I normally do is just extrude a circle off a face within the part and put cosmetics threads on it for illustration but then its in with the part itself and cannot be moved around like a standard bolt can be with mating etc in the assembly.

I'm wondering if there is a library part out there for this which will allow me (for future projects) to simply choose the length, diameter/thread size like you normally would for a bolt in the design library.  I don't see anything in there short of modifying a bolt by cutting the head off it and saving it as a new library part.  I haven't practiced with putting threads on parts yet, so making this part from scratch with threads may not be the best way for me to get what I need if there is already something online that I can just download.  Just curious.  Thanks in advance.