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Complex Animation with Fluid

Question asked by Derek Parks on Jun 19, 2014

It seems the day has come that I have hit the limits of animations in Composer but wanted to check with you nice people if that in fact is the case. My company is starting to require a lot more detail and specifically fluid flow in animations now which I don't believe I can achieve by "faking" in Composer.


I have done some fluid flow by "faking" it using the basic workflow as this link below. It seems to be an old version of Composer in the video so I am assuming through my searches there have been no other advances in the "faking" of fluid. If anyone has done fluid flow that looks more realistic then the link below I would like to see and example and perhaps a workflow example.


I don't want to abandon Composer all together because of its compatibility with Solidwrorks and it ease in animating in the same file I can create technical documentation. So in a perfect world I would like to know if there is a program I could import my completed animation in 3D or in post produced file (mp4 using Premiere Pro) that I could add fluid in. I use After Effects fro some post work but fluid would be another learning experience for me. This may be an option and I am willing to see examples if someone is in fact doing this.


I have looked at Maya with a Real Flow add in which would be perfect but the learning curve would be great and would require me from abandoning Composer all together for animations I would think.


The link below would be the perfect example of what I would like my finished product to look like. I would be using in a different application but has all the elements for example purposes.


Any and all advice or suggestions is welcome.