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Simpler examples on conjugate heat transfer?

Question asked by Andrew Castelino on Jun 18, 2014
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I am currently studying conjugate heat transfer. The tutorial only have second chapter “conjugate heat transfer” after “basic valve design”’s first chapter introduction, with some additional in technical reference.


May I ask for some more examples on conjugate heat transfer for Solidworks Flow Simulation?


First, the tutorial "conjugate heat transfer" module is quite large, and on my desktop takes about 30 minutes to converge. Under this time frame it is very different to tweak parameters and watch result change; so it is hoped that smaller model can be provided.


Second, the tutorial example couples so many stuffs (fans, pressure boundary condition, energy generation rate, etc.) packed in one example and it is difficult to analyze and grasp each individual.


Could SW experts refer me to some sets of more “basic” conjugate heat transfer example, preferably each including only single type of material and gas/fluid, as well some examples showing modeling of anisotropic FR4 materials, and ABS engineering plastics? It is much hoped that the additional (simpler) examples can also include validation comparison information.