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3D routing through solids

Question asked by Robert Norris on Jun 17, 2014
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I am relatively new to SWE, having completed the 2D and 3D training, with a slow learning curve thereafter for the last few weeks.  Currently working on an " industrial" design consisting of several  standard items such as contactors, MCB's, relays etc. The electrical input schematic appears to be OK, and each 3D model has the all the Cpoints defined, together with a cable termination point.   The graph generation produces sensible lines to the cable termination point. All wires are defined as single conductor cables,  so I have been using "route cables".  i have created a 3D sketch for basic routing along a duct, but have also tried letting SWE define the route automatically.


The problem I am finding is that my version (2014) of SWE ignores solids - it just routes straight through the electrical items,  producing nonsense, impossible  routes.  Is there a setting I am missing, or does it not route around solids by default?   Is it perhaps expected that the user must subsequently manually edit the route to avoid solids?



Any help would be appreciated,