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    Acquiring text associated with gtol

    Klaudiusz Skiba

      Hello everyone,

      Today I have a problem getting text that i previously associated with geometric tolerance.

      This is a piece of code I use to set some text on the right hand side next to gtol:


                   vgtSymbs = swView.GetGTols

                  f = swView.GetGTolCount

                  If Not IsEmpty(vgtSymbs) Then

                       For k = 0 To f - 1

                          Set swgtSymb = vgtSymbs(k)

                          sfballoon = "some text to fill in"

                          sfcheck = swgtSymb.SetText(2, sfballoon)


                  End If


      The problem is that  swgtSymb.GetText doesn't exist, and nothing I tried so far works.

      To clarify I'm attaching a picture.


      So once again, my question is how to get above text "This is a sample" using a macro.