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Saved Rendered Animation Different from Non-Rendered Animation

Question asked by Tom Di Poce on Jun 17, 2014

I'm currently experiencing an issue where I have an animated collapse view. Prior to saving, I watch my video and make sure it animates the way I want it to (and it works great).
I'm saving two videos, one that is of the "SolidWorks Screen" and another that is the "PhotoView 360" render. My solidworks screen one works flawlessly, everything slides into place at the right time, etc. However, my rendered video excludes one part of my collapse (a very critical one). I've tried all the different formats availabe to me, saving it as its native resolution and not at its native resolution, and saving it as a series of .bmp. I've googled the issue and found that nobody else having the same issue as me. Solidworks Community, can you help me?


I'm using:
Solidworks 2014, sp2.
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
(I can provide addtional software/hardware information if necessary.)