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Draftsight Issues

Question asked by Jeffr Replogle on Jun 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2014 by Jeffr Replogle

Hey guys,


Let me apologize in advance for probably posting in the wrong area.  I searched for a "draftsight" forum and wasnt able to find it.  I've been using the free version of draftsight 2D now for a few months and have been very pleased.  The only thing is I went about a month without using it and suddenly now when I open it all of the toolbars are gone.  Nothing is at the top at all.  I can right-click and add them all back one at a time but then as soon as I close it they are all gone upon re-opening the program. 


I have no idea why this is occuring.  I've tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling but it had no effect.  Any suggestions on what is going on would be greatly appreciated! Or at least pointing me towards the draftsight community.