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Auto Space Components after drag.

Question asked by rusty drake on Jun 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by Jamil Snead

OK, I have installed a cap screw, with a washer on it, through a hole in my steel sheet, installed another washer, hex nut, electrical terminal ring and last, a wing nut.  Now, I need to explode these items to balloon them in my drawing, so I start a new explode step and start selecting these parts in the "stacked" manner of the assembly (not selecting them in some random mannor) in hopes that the "Auto Spacing" will put them in order.  Call the cap screw part 1, then the first washer 2, and so on til we get to 6.




Even if I try to realign the parts to hold the position of the true installation stack-up, parts keep jumping around on me.  The cap screw (part 1) wants to jump out the furtherest from the steel sheet, when it should be the closest.  And item 5 and 6 are suffled as well.  Trying to make some sence of this but just can't get the part to align as I want them to.


What is it that SolidWorks is thinking where it rearranges the items from where I am placing them?  I even have the items in the feature tree in the assembly order.  This option appears to be acting peculiar.


Below are screen shots of the process.  Parts collapsed (in place), parts exploded using Auto spacing, parts rearranged in the proper manner, last is the results if I try to move the parts out a little further using my spin-box arrows.  Is this software so complicated that is sometimes it confuses itself?