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    couple dimensions in one

    Vu Phan

      Hello every body,


      I have a trouble to make a dimension with dual value (see on the picture). Please show me how to do this.


      Thank you every body.



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          Deepak Gupta

          You won't be able to create like shown in the picture (i.e. combining the R with two values) but you can type whatever you want in the dimension box.

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              Jamil Snead

              The easiest way I can think of (that will look pretty much how you want it to) is to use limit dimension for one of the values that is actually linked to the model, and then type in the other limits manually in separate lines in the dimension box, without the R. Then add a note with the letter R to the sheet and move it next to the manually typed limits. With this method if you later move the dimension you will also have to move the R to match. In order to move the R note in place without SW trying to merge the them you can use the Move Entities command.