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Problem with cavitation in a simple model

Question asked by Simone Storace on Jun 16, 2014
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let me introduce myself: my name is Simone and I am a novice in this community and in SW.

I've just started to use SW-FS and I immediately found a question about cavitation.

I'll attach 3 pictures and explain:

img 1) -> Contours of static pressure used to find where cavitation can grow, that is the part in which water pressure, at a constant and fixed temperature, drops below the value of the vaporization pressure . So I redo the calculation with cavitation method activated.

img 2) 3) -> contours of pressure and mass fraction of vapor in the second calculation. In this case the pressure seems to have a higher value of pressure than before and now the minimum value is greater than vaporization pressure.

How is possible to have a non-zero value for a mass fraction of vapor with a value of pression greater than vaporization pressure?


Boundary condition:

- Transferred boundary condition in inlet (this is a submodel)

- Fixed value in pressure outlet (P=110000 Pa)

- Adiabatic wall and stationary wall (no rotating zone)

- Temperature =362K

- Vaporization Pressure = 70000 Pa




best regards