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How to use macros and MS WORD?

Question asked by William Hallman on Jun 16, 2014

KANBAN CARD FRONT.JPGIn our company I have been tasked with making Kan Ban cards for our new lean approach to manufacturing. We have used these for a while but they were very rudimentary. For the cards that are used in the parts fab. area I put simple prints on the back with only the bare min. info needed to make the part. on the front it has part #, description, material needed, bar code for V.E. inventory and any special notes like where the plasma file is located or the Trumpf program name.


On 90% of the parts I am also converting the prints from ACAD to Solidworks. So since I am already modeling the part either as new, or importing the DXF from the plasma or the Trumpf I fill in my custom properties as I make it, then I make the simple print on a 4" X 6" format sheet that is the back of the card, Then I open Word and fill in all the same info again to fill in most of the front of the card, then save 3 different documents/files for each card.


I would appreciate any help I can get, I have no clue how to do macros yet, it is on my list of things to learn but have not got there yet.


Billy Hallman

Oliver Manufacturing Co.