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    Error message

    Ray Van

      So I have been working on a huge project and I cannot open up the entire assembly or the drawing of the BOM for it.  The error message is "Solidworks encountered an error opening the document. Please contact your local Solidworks support representative for help om troubleshooting this problem."  Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Thanks!

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          Ray Van

          I have back ups but they are from like a month ago and are really old..those will open but anyway to update them?

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            Mark Kaiser



            Have you tried opening the assembly in a different mode than resolved?  If the assembly has different configurations, can you change the configuration before opening, and will it open?  Have you tried opening any sub assemblies or parts before opening the final assembly?


            Usually that message means something is corrupt in the file and it will not open normally.

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              Jody Stiles

              Hi Ray,


              Try what Mark suggests and if that doens't work, you need to get in touch with your SOLIDWORKS reseller.  They can help you and if they can't resolve it, they can escalate the issue to SOLIDWORKS Tech Support.  This sounds like it might be a corrupted file which usually rquires us to fix.