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Opinions on CAM Software for Solidworks

Question asked by Lindon Lawn on Jun 15, 2014
Latest reply on May 11, 2015 by Billy Moon



We are currently looking at getting CAM software for solidworks. Being new to the market I am chasing some unbiased opinions of some of the CAM solutions available ie. SolidCAM, HSMWorks, MasterCAM, CAMwork etc. We have several CNC lathes and milling machines in our workshop including a 5 axis MAZAK J-300 and a HAAS VMC. Projects we are working on include milling on many faces on all 5 axis, however we do not forsee the need for simultanious 5 axis milling.


I have dowloaded and tried HSMExpress and a solidCAM trial and am leaning towards HSMWorks at this stage as it seems more user friendly. I would appreciate the feedback of someone who has experience with CAM sofware for solidworks.


Thanks in advance.