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    solidworks  simulation help please

    Jerome Eusebius

      I have drawn a bicycle crank arm


      I would like to study what happens to the crank arm when a pressure is applied by the pedal


      I would then like to remove material from crank arm to see if i can lighten it, and what affect that would have on where the crank fractures and how much deviation would occur



      I have used solidowrks motion before but i dont seem to be able to get desired affect


      Could some one give me a list  or any help to achieve this

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          Jared Conway

          That is a solidworks simulation problem, not motion because it is a rigid body kinematic analysis tool.


          Take a look at the tutorial on part analysis to start. The analysis should be simple to setup, fix the crank connection, force or pressure on the pedal, start with everything bonded.


          Then you can design studies or optimization to improve your design.


          Note, no fracture will be predicted but you can estimate from stress and displacements.