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    Design Table Macro

    Nick Hayman

      I would like to create macro that does the following:


      1.     Insert table > Design table.

      2.     Choose: From file > Browse.

      3.     Select excel design table file.

      4.     click in background to activate file.

      5.     The part changes to suit the design table.

      6.     then the table is deleted from the configurations tab.


      Please see attached video.


      Okay so now this is understood id like to involve a userform. When the macro is played a userform appears with a broswe button. the user can then browse for the file at this stage and press the GO button. This is when the rest of the code will follow.


      Play macro > Userform appears > User clicks on browse button and browses for excel file > Excel file is chosen > User presses another button (GO) > macro uses the selected excel file to insert the design table and delete it from the config tab afterwards.


      See attached all attachments for help and claification.


      This is a tricky one i know... whos up for the challenge?!


      Kind regards