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Multi body parts vs. Assemblies

Question asked by Matthew Peterson on Jun 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by Matthew Peterson

I'd like to get some discussion going on what is better for overall performance when either a large multi body part is an option or an assembly.


Reason I ask. We have always been told that to achieve better performance we should save off assemblies that don't need to be assemblies as a single part file after deleting unnecessary components and such. This has pretty much become standard practice with our purchased parts that we download models of. A quick google search will show you that this is what most people recommend, but experience has taught me otherwise.

In particular we have had some assemblies that we download that contain hundreds of parts. If we save this off as a multi-body, they are almost unusable.

However I went through and saved off every part and made the whole shebang a subassembly and it performs much better.

Has the standard advice we’ve been given wrong? I suspect one reason may be that multiple instances of parts are not reused in multi-body parts.