Dan Bertschi

SolidWorks related apps - Starting Small

Discussion created by Dan Bertschi on Jun 13, 2014

Hi Gang,


Just in case I don't have enough to do this summer... like learning PTC Creo 2.0 at my new job... I'm going to venture into the world of apps and try to write a few.  My goals include improving my understanding of coding, create something useful & productive, find out if my 10 year old son has any interest in programming.


If you have any basic ideas, or things you'd like to have explored, please post it here.  If you'd prefer privacy, PM or email me.


Ideas I'm already considering include:

  1. Part number search to get BOM.
  2. Part number search for inventory location.
  3. Part number search for visual & vendor info.


This will take time I'm certain, which is why I'm posting it here and not in the regular forums.  I want to make something useful & stable, not flashy or resource intensive.  Let me know what you think.  Whatever I get worked out, I will share with the group at a future meeting.


Great to see everyone at the meeting, Jerry & Craig are off to a great start!