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    List of "EPDM" Revision Levels?

    Brian Drifka


      We're running into a bunch of drawings in which the drawing revision level (custom properties) does not match the revision level set in EPDM (the level shown in the drawing's history). I'd like to be able to search the vault and come up with a list (Excel) of each drawing's revision level from custom properties (I can get this easily) along with each drawing's revision level as set inside EPDM (which I don't know how to get), so I can go in and get the revision levels matched up later.

      Does anyone know if there's an easy (hopefully non-SQL) way to do get this list put together?


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          Brian Drifka

          Thanks Michael,

          I ended up using SQL query to find the EPDM revs and then transfered the data into a spreadsheet to compare with a list of drawing revisions. Then I used EPDM to bring the EPDM revision up to the drawing revision level.


          I will say this...

          This was a complete pain. For the life of me, I don't know why EPDM doesn't have a way to search for (or even find!) the system revision level. As administrators, this is HUGELY important! If the two don't match (drawing and EPDM), the drawing gets revised to an unexpected/unintended level when pushed through the workflow! Well guess what happens when purchasing sends out a new drawing with an old revision level??? Guess who gets blamed when the drawing revision level is screwed up???


          I searched for 2-3 days on the internet, worked with support, etc. and nobody had an easy way to find the EPDM system revision level. Very frustrating!

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              Brian Drifka

              For you ADMINS that might also be looking for a solution to this, the query goes something like this...


              select UserRevID, Counter

              from dbo.UserRevCounters


              select UserRevID, DocumentID

              from dbo.UserRevs


              select DocumentID, Filename

              from dbo.Documents


              A couple notes...

              1. I'm not a SQL guru. I knew nothing about it till I got started with EPDM.
              2. I can't guarantee this works for everyone.
              3. It was fickle... Occasionally it would come up with duplicates - same file with two rev leves. It seemed to have trouble with understanding the difference between "-" and "A" the most. Unfortunately I'm not sure why or how to decipher from the query which rev is most current (see #1 above).
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                Brian McEwen

                Thanks for the info Drifka.  I agree, there are a lot of unpolished aspects to EPDM.  This is one of many things I'd just expect it to have out of the box. 


                Re: Local Revision in Column View  This explains what I did to make it easier to know the system revision level. But it doesn't help in the short term, it has to be in place already. 


                [[edit - oh I just noticed you added a comment to that post a few minutes ago  ]]  

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                Jason Clarke

                Brian, if your IT department is unsupportive of running your own SQL queries , you could create a report in PDM that will basically allow you to run a query to the database(s) without being in SQL.
                If you (or your IT dept) aren't confident of creating the report yourselves, your VAR should be able to set you up.


                I've  given an  example of the SQL that could be used to achieve this (with a little bit of investigation on your  part) here: