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Solidworks Blank Screen on start

Question asked by Vikram Shiralkar on Jun 13, 2014
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Recently I have been getting this error with Solidworks, where only solidworks top and bottom panel is visible and the graphics area is empty and not workable at all. I have to close out of Solidworks multiple times till I have the full screen again. Anybody got any answers to this? I have pasted some screen shots & the system's configuration below:


Solidworks Professional 2013 x64 Edition

13.6.14 SW Blank Screen.JPG

System Configuration:

Dell Precision M4600

Interl Core i5-2520M @ 2.5 GHz

8GB Ram

Windows 7 Professional SP 1

64-bit Operating System


NVIDIA System Information report created on: 05/31/2014 15:22:26

Operating System:          Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit (Service Pack 1)

DirectX version:          11.0

GPU processor:                    Quadro 1000M

Driver version:                    327.62

Direct3D API version:          11

Direct3D feature level:          11_0

CUDA Cores:                    96

Core clock:                    700 MHz

Shader clock:                    1400 MHz

Memory data rate:          1800 MHz

Memory interface:          128-bit

Memory bandwidth:          28.80 GB/s

Total available graphics memory:          5867 MB

Dedicated video memory:          2048 MB DDR3

System video memory:          0 MB

Shared system memory:          3819 MB

Video BIOS version:

IRQ:                              Not used

Bus:                              PCI Express x16 Gen2

Device Id:                    10DE 0DFA 04A31028

Part Number:                    1076 0502