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Problem with rotation of planes

Question asked by Ivan Werkhoven on Jun 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2014 by Ivan Werkhoven


I have a problem with planes i create around a cylinder. Consitently between 45° and 225° between the created plane and the Top Plane, the created planes are rotated. The name of the plane is showing up in the left lower corner between 45° and 225° instead of the upper right corner between 225° and 45°. So the planes are rotated from "Plane3" to "Plane12" and this repeats every 180°. These planes should not rotate, because they are defined in exactly the same way.


I have created a helix around the cylinder and i have places points on the helix, each time 5mm apart along the x-axis. Then I created the planes that go through the centerline of the cylinder and a point on the helix, and this happens for each point on the helix.


What is the root cause of this problem? How can i prevent this from happening?

I can rotate the plane, but then it is still mirrored and i get back into trouble later on. I want to solve the cause.

I tried to find the cause, but i do not seem to find anything usefull.

See attached image and sldprt-file.