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Chain / belt cuts into idler pulley

Question asked by Murray Edington on Jun 12, 2014
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I have fitted a flat belt to the outside face of my (toothed) timing belt pulleys. I have a couple of problems:

  • The belt goes round the tensioner pulley sort of OK. It looks really clever from a distance and would make a great Youtube vid but the belt is actually submerged within the pulley (details, details!). The outer face of the belt seems to be coincident with the outer face of the pulley. WTF! If I flip the side of the pulley that the belt goes around, it won't be much use as a tensioner. I can't see any options that can be changed to cure this. The belt fits correctly around the other 2 pulleys broadly speaking.
  • I don't understand how to get the belt parameters correct. They look fairly obvious but don't work the way I'd have expected. I have specified a "real world" belt length (535mm) and made it the driving parameter. The tensioner is held in a "slot" mate, so on the face of it, all I have to do is get the belt to fit the pulleys correctly to ensure the correct positions of the parts (and obviously I need to belt to run around the outside of the tensioner, not within it!). The belt has cords at the centre of the flat part, so I need to offset that by half the thickness of the belt from the top surfaces of the pulleys. "Use belt thickness" seems to result in the belt floating clear from the pulley.



This chain/belt feature seems to be a work in progress within SW. If it worked OK, I would be able to use it to size the belt and finalise pulley positions. Conversely, once I have defined those, I would like the real world parts to work in the SW assembly.


The tutorials and examples don't offer much help. Can anyone suggest how to get the feature configured?





Belt view.JPG