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    Interface gripe:  Import equations

    Zach Martin

      The Import Equations function has some quirks that have been bugging me. 


      1) It does not explain what each of the two pictographs means.  I can guess, or look in the help file, but who wants to do that?  I want the thinking done for me!  Even if I mouse-over, no tooltip pops up.




      2) The scroll bar is not the right length.  Usually in windows, the scroll bar gets smaller when you have more stuff.  It is a spatial analogue that represents the fraction of the full list that is currently visible.  Judging by the length of this scroll bar (see screenshot above) I would expect this list to be only a couple of items beyond the visible space.  In fact the number of items is twice the number that are visible (see screenshot below).  This seems like a bug.




      3) There is no obvious way to quickly select or deselect multiple items.  If I want only one equation, I have to manually go click click click and deselect them.  Eventually I decided to simply import all the equations, even the ones that I don't need.