Cory King

E. TN SWUG, Any Interest

Discussion created by Cory King on Feb 26, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2007 by Matt Lombard
Just curious if there is any interest out there for a Solid WorksUser Group in E. TN, particularly Knoxville to Johnson Cityarea etc. I've spoken to the guy who used to head the oldgroup but he didn't have time for it anymore about a year ago. butoffered to help hand it over to someone. I would love to havea group here. I've been using solid works full time for a year nowand am pursuing my CSWP but am not confident enough to head a groupat this point. However, I would like to get some conversationconcerning one going if the interest is out there. Please post aresponse to the Poll and see what happens!