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Issue with graphics performance, multiple windows.

Question asked by Michael O'Connell on Jun 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by Andrew Brown

I have a two-monitor system, with a SolidWorks approved graphics card.

In my typical setup, I have SolidWorks open on the left-hand monitor, and various other software open on the right-hand monitor.  If I have a model open in SW, and I make active a window from another program, or even windows explorer, the model area turns black, and I must blindly click the model area for a while until the image comes back.  Note:  I do not believe that this is "Black Screen of Death" problem reported in earlier versions.

The problem happens even when I have only one model open (and a simple one at that), and with only one other window on my desktop, so I do not believe that it could be a memory issue or something like that.  It's not impairing my ability to use the software, it's just extremely annoying.


Thanks for your assistance!