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Inserting Material Column into BOM (Solidworks 2011-2012 Student Edition)

Question asked by Sam Reynolds on Jun 12, 2014

Hi I am a third year user of Solidworks for student projects. It has been some time since I created a BOM and set the resepctive columns to display material data from the file ie: material of the part in file not appearance. I am using Solidworks 2011-2012 student edition and cannot figure out how to specify those particular values. I am able to access other data values by right clicking -> Insert -> Column Right -> Value but the options are slim to none for material values.


Does nayone on this forum know of a way to create a material column and have the BOM auto update with those values in what would be equivalent to Solidworks 2011 (version prior to student release 2011- 2012)


Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.