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How to add sizes/configurations to Toolbox components

Question asked by Charles Hilton on Jun 12, 2014

Afternoon folks,


I'm trying to add a size 1/4-32 UNEF Socket Head Cap Screw (SHCS) to my SolidWorks Toolbox. I'm somewhat new to using the Toolbox.


Digression: My current job has the Toolbox, but my previous didn't. At my old job, I went and made a whole bunch of different standard tooling (SHCS's, washers, pins, etc.) using excel configuration tables and custom properties managers so that it would be easier to drop components into aseembly. That worked well, but sometimes the shear number of configurations would cause SolidWorks to lockup sometimes after exiting from the spreadsheet and back into SolidWorks. I digress a bit. Everyone loves their own brand, right?


Anyway, back to the matter at hand: I've tried adding the data for a 1/4-32 UNEF thread to Toolbox, added the size data under the "Size" table, and added data to the "Thread Data" table. I also exporting and re-importing the tables to an excel file to try to make it easier for myself, so that I can add the sizes, descriptions, configuration, and lengths that I want using formulas, series fill downs, and whatnot. Still though, when I try to drag and drop a SHCS into an assembly, the configuration doesn't exist in within the toolbox component. What is the proper way of adding custom sizes to the Toolbox? Does anyone know of a good existing walkthrough?


Thank you much,