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    flow and satic thermal simulation

    Eran Gur


      is it possible to simulate a wood burn fireplace to understand the amount of heat i can get in the room,

      smoke and hot air flow, and if the structure and material holds the thermal forces?


      can i import data from the flow simulation to the static thermal simulation?

      should it need to be dependent on time? how can i do that?

      how can i simulate the fire source - wood burning..?


      thank you very much

      any help will be appreciated

        • Re: flow and satic thermal simulation
          Chris Michalski

          Yes, you can simulate all of those factors. 

          You can import Flow data into Simulation (Flow will do the heat calculations also, you do not need to do a separate thermal simulation).  And Simulation can determine if the thermal expansion forces are acceptable.

          Whether you need static or time dependent depends on what you are looking for (how fast does it heat vs does the airflow produce uniform temperatures).

          The wood heat source you would have to determine the energy content and burn rate to approximate the heat source quantity.