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    Save as PDF JPG Error

    Carlos Alfaro

      Hello all,


      I am currently having trouble with our pdf drawing files, once the drawing has been "saved as pdf" company logo (which is a jpg inserted in the drawing) turns into a black block. I am using SW 2013 with Adobe Reader XI.


      I found this past discussion https://forum.solidworks.com/message/49764#49764 which sounds like it may solve the issue if I had more than just the Adobe reader.

      Any suggestions that may help solve my issue short of buying Adobe Acrobat?


      Title block JPG errror.JPGGraphic logo in drawing

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          Mark Biasotti

          I see this problem all the time and the only way this will work correctly is if you have Acrobat Standard installed on the same computer. the reason that it is black is that the image is most likely a .png image and has built in transparency when placed on the title block.  So what I do with my clients that have this drwg format is that I I convert the .png to .jpg and  replace it - problem solved.  You have a white background around the company logo (as opposed to the off-white of the the sheet background) but on PDF's you don't see the difference because the SW drwg background is omitted.