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Few questions on setting up electrical connectors for Routing Lib.

Question asked by Tony Salerno on Jun 11, 2014

Hello, first post on the forums!


First off, I/we are using SW '14


I am trying to teach myself electrical routing, and I guess I have a handle on the basics. We have been sucessful in adding Cpoints to various terminals and crimps and routing individual wires through our assemblies. However, we have not made the jump to importing From/To tables, so our routed wires are nothing more than pretty pictures for Composer. Not to mention the routes can get fairly complex and tedious with us having to to manually auto route each wire to each pin or crimp. Furthermore, these wires carry no BOM properties so all that has to be manually entered as well, and don't even get me started on applying colors to the wires so they look right!


Here is my current project, with some routing shown. Again, these wires are generated with routes between each pin and crimp, no guide lines etc.

Power supply routing pic.jpg



Anyway, on to my question:

Today I have set up the specific 4 pin connector, the 22awg wire and the corresponding terminal pin that will be used in a simple harness in this assembly to a library. I have generated and imported a from/to table and used it to start a route in the assembly. However, I am getting stuck on how to get functional Guidelines for the harness to start working.


-On the 4 pin connector I uploaded to the library, I put a Cpoint on at each pin, as I am accustomed to per our current method. When I Auto Route once these connectors are placed, (two of the same connectors are used), I get a guideline between a pair of matching named Cpoints, and autoroute tries to create 4 wires somehow spliced to end up in one Cpoint. Clearly I am doing this incorrectly? Should I use one central C point and let the From/To table generate the individual wires? What about the individual wires up to the pins?



I have a few more questions, but I will wait for a response to this one.