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    STEP Import Surface Color

    Doug Schaefer



      I've created a STEP export from Proe WF4.  The original file has some surfaces colored red to indicate to the molder what has changed.  However, when it comes into SW 2013 the entire part is white.  I see multiple colors listed under the DisplayManager tab and they correspond to my color preaks in proe, but each has the same color so you cannot see the difference on screen.


      How can I make sure these colors come in as defined in the STEP file, or at least in different colors?



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          JOHN GEORGE


          When it is exported from ProE, make sure it is exporting to step version 214,

          If it is 203, the colors not identified.

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              Doug Schaefer

              Proe is set to export 214, and SW is catching the color break, but not keeping the original colors from Proe.  Instead it lists 3 colors in the Appearances area of the DisplayManager, all white.  If I click on each, I can see the different areas highlight.

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                  Matthew Watts

                  Step Version 214 is supposed to retain colors, but it is entirely too spotty for all files.  I had files in which every face was a different color, and saving to .STEP lost 95% of them.  I have the full list of colors under the DisplayManager tab as well, but it does not seem to mean anything.


                  Also, trying to edit within the .Step file to replace missing colors does not work - as when you save, the file reverts back to the original.


                  Sorry to inform you, but it is not quite as advertised.  It's dissapointing, a lot of trial and error spent to find that out for myself.

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                Brandon Bouska

                I have had issues with face colors appearing on .stp files as well. We solved this by exporting PRO/E (Creo) files as an IGES file instead of the .stp file. Not sure if it will cure your problem, but worth a shot.

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                    Doug Schaefer

                    I did try exporting as IGES and it did retain the colors.  However, this particular model has a lot of construction surfaces that are hidden in Proe.  With a STEP import, I can tell Proe not to export the surfaces.  I cannot exclude them with IGES.


                    I was able to successfully export from Proe as a Parasolid file, exclude the surfaces and get my color breaks right in SW.