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    ALWAYS open latest version?

    Roy Dean

      Is there anyway I can force epdm to always update to the latest version of files that are not checked out?   For example, if I want to quickly open a drawing that is currently locked (released for production) so that I can copy a note or something, I always want SolidWorks to open the most recent version, NOT the local version.

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          Charles Culp

          This is an EPDM admin setting, which can be customized for each user.


          Admin>Users>Username>Settings>Reference Dialog.


          This can also be set at the group level.


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              Roy Dean



              My EPDM admin informs me that by selecting this option, it limits me to ONLY be able to open the newest version.  IE, I can't open the history of the file and purposely select an older version.   Is this correct?





              My admin has pointed out that there is an option below that check box that DOES allow the user to open earlier versions, but that only works for solidworks native files, and not other controled document formats like excel, word, pdf, etc....   What I want is default "latest version", whith option to manually retrieve older versions of ALL file types, not just solidworks native files.

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                  Charles Culp



                  Sorry for the late response. This is precisely why we do not keep this option checked here at Essex.


                  I will say what you are asking for makes it very difficult for you to work with assembly files if you do not always revise detail drawings when the assembly drawings are revised. Here we don't do that, and it makes it impossible to maintain relations to previous versions of parts.

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                Prasad Bhonsule

                Hi Roy, if you are using EPDM 2014, you have a little more flexibility with get latest version. You can use "Always get latest version, but still allow users to access history.


                See the attached image.




                Kind regards,