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Simulation of truss

Question asked by Kjartan Bauge on Jun 11, 2014
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I have a problem when analysing a stage truss in SolidWork Simulation. I have created a 3D scetch and assign a custom weldment profile to each line. But I do not manage to mesh it. The weldments are treated as solid (because they apparently are to small to mesh as beam). Then I change weldments to some standard profiles of simular size and the mesh works fine. Any idea what could be wrong?


When making the custom profiles I have followed this recipe:

1. Make a sketch (in my case, a pipe Ø48x3)

2. Click on the sketch, and save as: Lib Feat Part.

3. Save it in the same area as the other profiles.


I hope someone could help me, in advance, thank you:)




Kjartan Bauge