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    How to create this task/macro between Solidworks and Excel?

    Alex Beaulier

      Hello, I'm looking to write an API program macro that will take two coordinate systems and create a line starting with one column and ending the point of the line with the second column. I don't know how to connect the process with Excel.


      Basically I have this

      • Coordinate system 1 will be in the columns (x1=A(n),y1=B(n),z1=C(n)) (x2=D(n),y2=E(n),z2=F(n)) Where n is the row.
      • I just want Solidworks to do a Dim sk.draw command using Excel-Row1Column 1 start point and then end point Row1 Column 2  then read down both columns until all the lines are plotted.
      • Is anyone good at writing code that could help me do something like this?
      • It kind of looks like this in Excel.



      Coordinate System 1-Column 1=A,B,C

      A-x coordinateB-y coordinateC-z coordinate