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    Sheet metal thickness to drawing?

    Ari Arponen

      I have a software where i enter the CWThickness property into part, and it is shown in the drawing sheet I made like this:


      You can see the materiaali: DC01AM 3mm is shown correctly.


      You can see the materiaali: DC01AM 3mm is shown correctly in lower title. When I tried to use simpy the Thickness property above the title it does not show up. Can I directly use the sheet metal thickness like this?



      Only problem with this is that I need to enter some dimension to get the CWThickness property, and it is always the same as sheet metal thickness of course. So the value shown in drawing title could be same as Sheet Metal Thickness value.

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          Ari Arponen

          Ok, I made a Property Name to my part-template ShtMtlThickness, as shown below.




          I tried to get the thickness from Sheet-Metal1 feature, but for some reason it didn't work. I added the second like manually to test how I can do the thickness from Sheet-Metal. It worked fine, BUT the Value includes the filename. And I cannot use Filename in part-template, can I? Any tips how to get this working?


          Ok, I got it working. I just removed the number 1 at the end. BUT! Now when i start to make new Sheet metal part with this template. The thickness shows up in drawing as I made ShtMtlThickness property to show up in drawing. But for some reason the SW does not add the material properties into part when selecting material? How is that.



          EDIT2 !

          I got it working! I just needed to Apply the properties from our Custom Works properties. Now it works as I wanted  



          Ok, this was a good example of "self education" thread Thank you for reading.