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    Composer crashes when mouse scroll wheel used

    Steve MacKay

      Has anyone ever run into this before.


      I am running 2013 Solidworks Composer.  Seems to crash everytimes I use the mouse scroll wheel.


      Other than that its fine, this is a recent problem, I didnt have this issue a week ago working in the same file.


      Anyone with any idea are much appreciated.


      Thank you

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          Derek Parks



          I am running 2014 Composer and just recently I have noticed it really lags when rotating or zooming in or out. I haven't experienced a crash and just chalked it up to file size or possibly my graphics card going out since I have had the same issue in Solidworks (2012).


          May sound silly but first thing I would try would be another mouse since it would be the easiest test.


          It may possibly be a bug since it only happens when you use your mouse wheel. I would say if it happens in multiple files and always the mouse wheel you may want to touch base with your IT department if you have one. If not give your VAR a shout and see if this has been reported by any other users.




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            Alex Taguchi

            Hi Steve,


            This is likely a graphics card issue. Try disabling the 3d opengl hardware acceleration option in your File>Preferences, restart Composer, and then try zooming again. If this fixes it, you have a video card or driver problem. Your reseller should be able to help and advise with this type of issue.