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Automatic Surface Creation tool creates only self intersecting surface

Question asked by Micah Smith on Jun 9, 2014

Hi there,
I am new to solidworks but have done a little bit of 3d modeling with other applications. I have a pointcloud that I would like to turn into a surface. My pointcloud is saved as xyz. I open the xyz document and can successfully create a mesh. With that mesh I try to use the surface wizard. This is where I run into trouble. The wizard makes 2000 or so, depending on the settings, surfaces all of which are self-intersecting. When I try to just go ahead and create the surface, it just deletes the self-intersecting surfaces, which is all of them.

A bit more info for those interested. I’m working with a pointcloud exported from AutoCAD. It is an area of about 150 meters by 80 meters. And I have a point in a 20 cm grid. These points are all in UTM coordinates with elevations in meters. When I open the pointcloud in solidworks I adjust the units to Meters.

Please let me know if you can think of any workarounds, or tips.